Episode 11.3

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Sphinx Dungeon Changes


Episode 11.3 brings changes to spawn in the lower levels of the Sphinx Dungeon. While most small spawn arrangement changes would be no big deal, the Anubis addition has been widely anticipated. Anubis, while not easy monsters, are desirable hunting for their high experience to HP ratio and their vulnerability to many skills and classes. Anubis replaces the Marduk spawns on both Sphinx 4F and 5F, though Marduk will continue to appear on floor 3.

New Spawn Information

Sphinx Dungeon 4F

Map Name:Sphinx Dungeon 4F
Map ID:in_sphinx4
Memo:Not Allowed
BGM Track:38.mp3 - "Hamatan"
Description:This map was considered a higher level Mino hunting map, home of blacksmiths and knights primarily. Now this dungeon is home of the stronger but worthwhile Anubis. The map is home of a variety of valuable rares, regardless of whether you're just here to hunt Anubis or here for everything else.

While the spawn of Mino's and Pasana's doesn't change, Anubis brings a new crowd of levelers to the dungeon. Minorous and Pasana's are both weak to water element, but Anubis is weak to holy and fire elements, creating a conflict. With Marduk's no longer on this floor, the only monster able to use a fire element attack is now Minorous. Because of this, the best armor to wear here now becomes dark armor to evade Anubis's Dark Strike.
Monster Num Spawn Race Element HP Base Job PHit PDodge Agro
Minorous50InstantBrute [Large]Fire 27,4312,7501,379114179Yes
Pasana20InstantHuman [Medium]Fire 28,2894,0872,135154195Yes
Anubis15InstantHuman [Large]Undead 238,00028,00022,000160227Yes
Mimic410.0m (600s)Formless [Small]Neutral 36,120165165192201Yes

Sphinx Dungeon 5F

Map Name:Sphinx Dungeon 5F
Map ID:in_sphinx5
Memo:Not Allowed
BGM Track:38.mp3 - "Hamatan"
Description:The deepest map in the Sphinx dungeon, arranged in an unusual spiral pattern. Unlike 4F that consists of mostly fire property monsters, 5F is more of a strange assortment of races and elements. This floor has many more Pasana's and less Anubis than 4F however, making it ideal if you intend to look for Pasana.

The spiral map design basically forces players to take a single path through the dungeon. However, with high map spawn and the boss monster Pharaoh usually on the prowl, it would be wise to bring some means of teleportation.
Monster Num Spawn Race Element HP Base JobPHit PDodge Agro
Pasana70InstantHuman [Medium]Fire 28,2894,0872,135154195Yes
Sidewinder20InstantBrute [Medium]Poison 14,9291,996993106233Yes
Anubis10InstantHuman [Large]Undead 238,00028,00022,000160227Yes
Matyr4InstantBrute [Medium]Shadow 12,58596740798170Yes
Mimic710.0m (600s)Formless [Small]Neutral 36,120165165192201Yes
Pharaoh11h (3,600s)Human [Large]Shadow 3445,997114,99041,899206257Yes

Monster Information

Level75 Earing (0.05%)
Recovery Staff (0.10%)
Ring (0.05%)
Necklace of Wisdom (0.15%)
Anubis Card (0.01%)
Thunder Storm
Jupitel Thunder
Sonic Blow
Dark Strike
Curse Attack
Blinding Attack
Undead Element Attack
Magical Attack
Dark Breath
ElementUndead 2
Atk530 ~ 1,697
Def25 +10
MDef31 +87
SpeedPlayer Rate
100% Hit160
95% Flee227
DescriptionAnubis is a new monster that makes its home on floors 4 and 5 of the Morroc Sphinx Dungeon. Anubis is none too fast moving or attacking, but can be a handful to deal with. They frequently make use of Dark Strike when approaching targets and their Sonic Blow can kill unprepared players. Magical Attack, which makes his physical attack power equal to his MATK stat isn't too dangerous because Anubis doesn't have high int, but Agi type builds should be aware that magical attack cannot be dodged. Similarly, other builds should be careful of Critical Wounds, which will drop your healing/potion effectiveness by 40% for 30 seconds.

However, for their apparent difficulty Anubis give a surprisingly large amount of experience. Their unusual Race/Element classification makes them vulnerable to many different kinds of attacks and defenses. Because they are Demi-Human race, the majority of PVP offensive and defensive gears are effective against them. Undead element means they can plow through firewalls but don't freeze to storm gust taking high damage. Also very importantly, undead race means that they can be killed via Turn Undead, making them the highest yielding monster killable via the skill.

The majority of Anubis's drops are very low rate. It’s not uncommon to get absolutely nothing while killing them even for long periods of time. The chance to steal from them is similarly low, and could take hundreds of attempts to get anything. If you did manage to steal however, you would have a high chance of getting a rare item.