Episode 11.3

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Episode 11.3 Guide

Ragnarok Online: Episode 11.3

Unnamed Islet - Cursed Monestary, Endless Nightmare

Summary of Changes

  • Addition of the Nameless Island and the Cursed Monestary Dungeon, and related monsters.
  • Anubis monster added to Sphinx Dungeon.
  • 42 new weapons added to existing and new monsters.
  • 22 new armors added to existing and new monsters.
  • 14 new cards added.
  • War of Emperium: Second Edition system implimented.
  • 5 Juno 'Nithafjoll' realm castles added, and 5 Rachel 'Valfreyja' realm castles added.
  • Related quests and items for the new god items added. (Not added this update)
  • Numerous new quests related to Nameless Island added.
  • Added new guild relay and mission quests.
  • Mercenary system added.
  • Thor's Volcano rebalanced (lowered int on Kasa/Imp, shield reflect for Kasa)
  • Monster race NPCs changed to prevent automation.
  • Card illustrations of all old monsters were updated to have new borders.
  • 7 new emotions added.
  • New items available for use with the skill Arrow Craft.
  • Umbala elemental stone breaking NPC can now break down many stones at once.
  • Medicine Bowl seller in the Aldebaran Alchemist Guild will now sell many more bowls at once.
  • Alchemist creation guides are now readable books.