Episode 11.3

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New Cards

Weapon Cards

No. 4406 Skeggiold Card
Twinkle (Weapon) Increases magic damage against Demon type monsters by 2%.
No. 4398 Dolor of Thanatos Card
Darkness (Weapon) Increases magic damage against Angel type monsters by 10%.
No. 4407 Valkyrie Randgris Card
(Weapon) of Elimination Weapon becomes undamagable.
Increases physical damage against all targets by 10%.
Adds a 5% chance to cast [Dispell] Lv 1 when dealing melee damage.

Armor Cards

No. 4342 RSX-0806 Card
Mammoth (Armor) Vit +3.
Armor becomes undamagable.
The user cannot be pushed or moved by any skills (some skills such as [Snap] and [Cicada Skin Shed] will no longer function properly).
No. 4363 High Priest Card
Protection (Armor) Adds a 5% chance to cast [Assumptio] Lv 1 on yourself when taking physical or magical damage.
No. 4386 Detardeurus Card
(Armor) of Magic Shelter MDEF -20.
Adds 100% resistance to [Frozen] status ailment.
Adds a 7% chance to cast [Magnetic Earth] Lv 1 when recieving magical damage.


No. 4372 White Lady Card
Life Stream (Headgear) Increases recovery from your [Heal], [Sanctuary], and [Potion Pitcher] by 30%.
Increases SP cost of skills by 15%.
No. 4364 Margaretha Sorin Card
(Headgear) of Magic Sealing INT +1.
Adds a 15% chance to cast [Lex Divina] Lv 5 when receiving magical damage.
No. 4365 High Wizard Card
(Headgear) of Tempest Adds 100% magic defense bypassing on normal (non boss) targets.
Increases cast time by 100%.
Decreases SP Regen by 100%.
When the equipment compounded with this card is removed, the player loses 2000 SP.
No. 4374 Vesper Card
(Headgear) of Vision DEX +2.
Adds 30% magic defense bypassing on boss type targets.
No. 4403 Kiel-D-01 Card
(Headgear) of Reload Decreases after-cast delay of all skills by 30%.


No. 4352 Boss Egnigem Card
(Shoes) of Regeneration MaxHP and MaxSP +10%.
Every 10 seconds the user gains 50HP and 10SP.


No. 4138 Anubis Card
Satanic (Shield) Adds 30% resistance to attacks from Angel type monsters.


No. 4145 Beelzebub Card
(Accessory) of Bigmouth Reduces cast time of skills by 30%.