Ragnarok Online: Episode 12
Destruction of Morroc, Nightmare of Midgard

Map Additions and Changes

- The city of Morroc has been changed due to the Satan Morroc incident. The BGM has also changed. Existing warp memos will be lost.

- The Morroc Ruins map (moc_ruins) has changed. The map is now considered a town, and no longer carries a death penalty if you die here.

- Added the Satan Morroc field and related quest maps, Crack of Dimension 01 (moc_fild20), Crack of Dimension 02 (moc_fild21), Unknown Location (que_ba), and Cave Village (cave).

- The yoyo PVP maps for Morroc have been updated to its new state.

- The Sograt Desert fields 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 14, and 15 are removed. Warp memos to these fields will be lost. Maps with warps linking to these fields now lead to Crack of Dimension 01 (moc_fild20) instead.

- Added The Sealed Shrine and The Endless Tower, two Instanced 'Memorial' Dungeons.

- Added two PVP battleground scenarios, Flavian, and Tierra Canyon. Battlegrounds representatives are located in all major towns.

NPC Additions and Changes

- Many citizens of Morroc have been relocated to a refugee camp at the Morroc Pyramids (moc_ruins).

- Some buildings in Morroc are no longer accessible. PVP can no longer be reached through the town of Morroc.

- The dialog of many NPCs, mostly those in Morroc, have been changed.

- Ninja consumable items are now sold in Prontera, Ninja daggers in Payon, and Ninja Huuma Shurikens in Geffen.

- Gunslinger consumable items are now sold in Izlude and Alberta, and Bullet Casing NPCs added to Izlude and Alberta.

- New slot enchant NPCs have been added Prontera, Payon, and the Morroc Pyramid map.

- Sealed Shrine related NPCs added to St Capitolina Abbey.

- Endless Tower related NPCs added to Alberta.

Quest Additions and Changes

- 8 new quests added related to the destruction of Morroc.

- The Morroc Missing Children Quest (Dandelion's Request) has been removed.

- Access to the prison involved in the Spy Quest has been moved out of the Morroc Castle.

Monster Changes

- Many existing monsters have had their drops changed for new equipment.

- Episode 11 monsters now drop their cards.

- Phreeoni has been moved from Morroc Field 15 to Morroc Field 17.

Item Changes

- The weapon Gate Keeper DD has been changed from a level 3 weapon to level 4.

- Angelic Protection [1] has been changed from 2 DEF to 3 DEF.

Skill Changes

- The soul linker skill "Eske" can now be dispelled by the sage skill "Dispell".

System Changes

- The equipment display system has been added.

- The world map system is added. Use the shortcut key Ctrl + ` to view.

- The quest window is added. Press alt-U to view. Not all quests are currently accessable with this system.

- The battle message option to disable WoE announcements has been added.

- When a character is above 70% weight, they can no longer open box type items.